Anna Arroyo is a Berlin-based space for sincere jewellery. Founded in 2017, it was born out of the urge for a slow and conscious way of producing jewellery with ones own hands. Each piece is created in awareness of the due time every production process demands. While experimenting with materials, shapes and images, we appreciate each unique creative development much more than the unnecessary need for countless consumerist results. Inspiration takes time. There should be no stress or pressure - neither at our side nor at yours.

We conceive each of our designs as whole, intimate and one of a kind. They come about in an intuitive but precise process. Each piece in its singular way embraces the irregularities and imperfections that come from crafting by hand. For that which is self-confidently imperfect but harmonious we love each piece. We are sincere in what we do not aiming at luxurious attention but enriching the beauty of every day life and wellbeing. Establishing a meaningful and long-lasting connection between our pieces and the wearer is what fulfils us.

Anna Arroyo jewellery stands for sincere and slow production promoting conscious consumption, strong character, simple yet detailed design, and quality craftsmanship.